Creating Marketing Magic For Your Business

Our skilled marketing team has proven campaigns that help drive
sales! Let us help create (or even launch for you) your next email
campaign to help drive sales. Imagine what hundreds of pre-
approved prospects could do for your bottom line!
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Let's Integrate

In business, the magic in marketing is to convince customers that they need and want what you have. And not only do they really want it- but they can totally get it.

Email Marketing That Drives Revenue

Our marketing experts have put together campaigns that work! Strategize with our team today and let’s drive in revenue together.

Email Signatures Are The New Sales Assistant

Integrate on your email signatures today to let customers know you have financing as an option. You would be surprised how many people prefer to know they are approved BEFORE they purchase online.

All Reward. No Risk.

Our business intelligence data and industry knowledge uses expertise combined with
technology to deliver a world class application experience.

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The Faastrak Advantage

Open your business to an influx of customers with simple solutions that overcome spending pain points. As your partner, we do everything we can to boost your business, reach more customers, and convert. Faastrak works for you!



 Our tools engage your customer early and often in the buying process. We bring persuasive, pay-over-time messaging that drives sales up. More sales + more money = more success. Get on the Faastrak to that equation and watch your business soar!

Faastrak Brings
The Marketing Magic

Really, we almost make it too easy. But that’s because we like you. Fill out one application
and review multiple offers for working capital, equipment financing, business credit
cards, cash advances and more. With Faastrak, we bring a financial competitive edge so
you get the confidence to make it happen.