Close Sales
Grow Faaster.

Faastrak’s modern, data-driven technology outpaces the banks and simplifies
your customer’s application process – faster, easier, better. By automating
what the banks can’t, we can help your customers get approved and funded
faster than the bank themselves.
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Why choose us?

We offer a convenient, point of sale financing experience your customers will love – more
lenders, more offers, more approvals – no matter the size of the deal.
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Track The Power

Each customer who applies for financing gets a unique
request tracker that shares real-time deal updates.
Customers can upload documents, chat with our team, and
check their loan status-right from their personal tracker.

Instant Verification

We instantly verify important customer data like legal
business names, corporate officers, business address,
TIN, and more. By having all this information at the time
of submission, we are able to submit to lenders faaster
than anyone else. So what does that mean? We process
credit applications FAAST!
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Pre-Screening Tools

Our advanced pre-screen process generates data that
helps the bank make decisions specifically designed for
that business. Generic credit scores are often not enough.
We share target data that gets your customers the
personalized financing results they need.

Simplified Loan Approvals

Our approvals are straightforward and user-friendly. They
are sent to the customer using our proprietary request
tracker so you start closing deals overnight! We create a
checkout experience that is thorough, streamlined, and
easy to understand so customers get financing when and
where they need it.
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Documentation Automation

Banks offer some great terms, and when they do, your
customer can request, review and sign agreements
straight from their personalized request tracker. Pre-built
workflows make the process easier than you can believe,
saving time, and making money.

Built-In Communication

Customers need answers, and our team is available to help.
Our request tracker allows your customers to access a live
specialist with the click of a button – no bots, no extended
hold times – just answers.
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Smart Notifications

Our system generates email and SMS notifications to alert
customers as their application moves into funding. The
Faastrak systems allows you to Always Be Closing by
sending automatic notifications to remind customers of
expiring approvals, where to sign, and even alerting them
to new offers.

Smart Credit Application Routing

Business financing is never a one-size fits all. Our system
sources top solutions based on individual circumstances and
specific credit situations. We combine algorithm data with
credit team know-how to Faasmatch your customers to the
best lender for their business.
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Analytics and Reporting

We know data, so expect some great analytics! Easily 
view approval and ratios, individual lender performance, 
deal analytics, lead conversion rates and more.

Buy Now, Pay Later Options
That Matter To Your Customer

Faastrak’s payment platform helps our partners sell more – by offering a premier, customized finance solution right at the point of sale.