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Credit Means More
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By building your business credit profile correctly, your business 
can obtain more favorable financing terms quicker than a 
business building it on their own.

To Build Business Credit

What You Should Know

When you own a business, having access to credit is a lifeline. It allows you to get needed capital to expand, cover daily expenses, purchase inventory, hire staff, and conserve accessible cash. Just like personal credit, business credit is something that you build over time. Faastrak starts you on the right path to building strong credit with our solid financing options.

To build a business credit profile, you need accounts and vendors that report timely payments to credit bureaus. A business credit card is a great place to start. Faastrak can connect you to financing that begins to build business credit, even when you are brand new.

By getting started early, you will achieve more over time and reach your max potential in terms of better rates and terms. Business credit cards have benefits and rewards that are helpful to business owners, too.

Get More, Do More With Faastrak

Getting financing to build business credit through Faastrak opens the door to wider opportunity on every front. Not only is your purchase power greater, but you are establishing your business as a good financing risk – earning better potential
rates, amounts, and terms, which can accelerate your long-term profit. You can also receive better rates for insurance
premiums and improve your ability to attract investors.

It’s all about ramping up – to get more and to achieve more. Once you establish business credit, you will be able to get more
funding. This has a compounding effect over time, gathering more and more financing power to meet your needs. You will
be expanding your overall business buying power, and positioning your business for sustainable financial health.

Better business credit means more attractive rates, larger loan amounts – better terms overall.
Start building your credit now- so as you grow, your financing options grow right along with you.

Financing Made Simple

Really, we almost make it too easy. But that’s because we like you. Fill out one application 
and review multiple offers for working capital, equipment financing, business credit 
cards, cash advances and more. With Faastrak, we bring a financial competitive edge so 
you get the confidence to make it happen.