We Are Happy
To Be Your Trade
Show Sidekick

Highlight financing at your booth with a kiosk or even hand out
tablets with pre-built custom credit applications on the show floor.
Hire us today to help your next trade show become a huge success!
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Let's Integrate

As your partner in business sales, Faastrak easily integrates with your technology – phones, tablets,kiosks- to go where you go, and meet all of your customers’ purchasing needs. When you take us with you to events like trade shows, we help you boost solid sales and close more deals, with easy credit apps right at your fingertips.


The possibilities are endless. As customers browse your equipment, you can easily get them pre-approved for large lump sums to afford expensive items. Our data-driven platform outpaces the banks, is way more customer-friendly, and integrates right on your website showing customers real-time approvable financial options that meet their budget. You can even send customers links to get them pre-approved for upfront cash or loans to sweeten your deals.

Fastraak is the financial solution that empowers customers to buy more, right now. We help our partner businesses give customers what they need: flexible, fast, financial options. Our paperless technology streamlines the process, so customers can walk away with a stress-free closed deal that you can take to the bank.

As your partner, we work for you and for the customers- making more sales possible. Take advantage of your face-to-face interactions by showing potential customers how it can work, right now. For customers it’s better than cash in hand – it’s Faastrak in hand. See how Faastrak can go and grow with your business today.

Financing Made Simple

Really, we almost make it too easy. But that’s because we like you. Fill out one application
and review multiple offers for working capital, equipment financing, business credit
cards, cash advances and more. With Faastrak, we bring a financial competitive edge so
you get the confidence to make it happen.