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Introducing: FaaStrak’s Marketing Repository and Ad Template Tools

We are proud and excited to launch FaaStrak’s fully customizable digital marketing ad builder tool – or, our Marketing Repository. This feature gives your team an easy way to make customizable financing ads to drive more sales. No in-house designer, no photoshop needed. We’ve developed three types of ad templates

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3 New Technologies in the Equipment Financing Industry

Integration often happens slowly, then all at once. The equipment financing industry is no exception. According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, there are several “new” technologies that are beginning to make waves in the equipment financing industry, and about 1,000 reasons why it’s important to jump on these

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How Does IT Equipment Leasing
Dominate The Market?

It’s not a mystery as to why IT Equipment leasing is on the rise. As businesses increasingly rely on technology and computers to get their work done, this reflects in national trends of equipment leasing. According to the Survey of Equipment Finance Activity by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association

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Equipment Financing Industry Outlook Stays Strong

It seems that confidence in the equipment financing industry is staying positive despite the current insecurity associated with the overall economy’s health. The Fed decreasing interest rates could play a role, and equipment-leasing executives could see this as a predictor of increased investment and a way to stimulate growth in

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Commercial Truck Financing: What You Need to Know

Other than the consumer, trucking is the backbone of American commerce. How does it work, though? Much like personal car financing, commercial truck financing is structured in payments over a term until the truck is paid off. Financing is convenient for your customers because commercial trucking is an expensive investment,

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