Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Are you looking to offer financing to your customers to help them obtain your product or service? Then you are a GREAT fit for FaaStrak. Here are typical customers who select our packages:

Free: these customers typically work with a broker or direct lender today and want to offer something more. They are not concerned about additional commission and just want to help their customers find the right financing solution.

Standard: these customers want to earn a commission for the referrals and offer more solutions to their customer base than what they currently have but DO NOT want to control the deal process due to bandwidth.

VIP: these customers are typically confident that they can facilitate a minimum of $10k a month in fundings. These customers typically WANT to control the deal flow for their customers and earn market rate commissions of their competitors.

Enterprise: these customers typically have a financial infrastructure. Whether they are set up as a broker or direct lender these customers typically do a minimum of $500k/month in financing and just need an additional software to help their customers or themselves easily offer financing

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