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Offer your customers the best restaurant equipment leasing solutions with help from FaaStrak.

If you provide your customers with industrial restaurant equipment – things like industrial ovens, dining room furniture or cooking supplies  – we’re here to help you help them. Our technology-driven platform is designed specifically to help you provide your customers with the best restaurant equipment for their business. At FaaStrak, we know that giving business owners the opportunity to finance their equipment makes it easier for them, and helps you, as a vendor, sell more equipment and close more deals. FaaStrak’s restaurant equipment leasing solutions allow you to offer them the products they need with the best terms possible while adding money to your bottom line.

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“FaaS” Testimonial

"We cannot be happier with FaaStrak. Within our first 45 days, we saw a significant increase to our bottom line while knowing that our customers are being sent to the most appropriate lenders that fit their needs. This has allowed our approval ratio jump from 42% all the way to 73% in just 45 days. Not only has our approval ratio increased but also our average fundings per month has increased by 28%"
Joshua Acree
Customer Service & Sales Supervisor, Consolidated Foodservice









With FaaStrak, you can offer your customers the restaurant equipment leasing solutions they never had before. We help with restaurant equipment leasing of all shapes and sizes – we connect with lenders directly so your customers can get the things they need at payments they can afford.


With access to multiple lenders, your customers get the best restaurant equipment leasing rates available. By giving your customers access to our vast lending marketplace, they can transparently see their best rates for financing their equipment, and that gives you the ability to close more deals.


With variable terms on restaurant equipment leasing, you can offer your customers flexibility that meets their needs. We offer a multitude of loans from lenders within our vast marketplace, and we match your customers directly with what suits them best. This means the best terms, every time.


When your customers need restaurant equipment, they usually don’t want to wait a long time to get it. Our automated matching system offers same-day restaurant equipment leasing options via our many different lenders, so your customers aren’t left waiting around for the money they need, and your deals get closed quicker.

Online Restaurant Equipment Leasing Solutions

With restaurant equipment leasing for whatever your customers may need – like new POS systems or kitchen equipment – business owners have the ability to obtain the things they need without tying up their cash flow in a large, expensive purchase. As a vendor, you know this equipment is often vital to your customers’ success, so why not offer them an easier way to get what they need? With restaurant equipment leasing, you can obtain and close more deals than ever before, and FaaStrak offers a way to get it all done through our streamlined platform. We connect you to customers, and we connect customers to lenders. Never before has there been this automated, time-and-money-saving restaurant equipment leasing solution.

The FaaStrak Difference

If you could provide your customers with a solution that cuts out the middle man and saves them time and money, why wouldn’t you? If they’re running a business, things can get expensive, and if they don’t have the equipment they need, they’re missing out on cash-flow opportunities. Buying equipment upfront is costly for a small business, so this is why we, at FaaStrak, offer restaurant equipment leasing solutions for you and your customers.

Restaurant equipment leasing is a viable solution to buying expensive kitchen equipment upfront, and FaaStrak is a solution to a typical broker. We facilitate the whole equipment leasing deal, as a broker would, but with our unrivaled software. This broker solution helps to fast-track your deals and offer your customers the best lending options.

What makes traditional brokers so inefficient? They only offer a few restaurant equipment leasing options. Customers are bound to only those options, and in this case, they don’t know if those are truly the best for their unique financial situation and business. The rates are often inflated, and commissions are high. Everyone has a different portfolio, and our mission is to offer restaurant equipment leasing solutions for everyone.

When you, as a vendor, sign up with FaaStrak, you’ll implement our restaurant equipment leasing software platform onto your company’s website. Your customers will provide their financial information, along with the information you need so you can find them the equipment they need. Our algorithm analyzes their credit and financial information and provides them with the best lending options at the lowest rates. Once they understand their options, they can get the money they need to close the deal with you.

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Become Part of a Disruptive Force

FaaStrak’s automated restaurant equipment leasing solution has emerged as an industry disruptor and is vastly improving cash flow flexibility for many businesses. There is no need to tie up working capital to purchase or update equipment, especially now that FaaStrak offers a much better option. Restaurant equipment leasing doesn’t involve a down payment, and this is a massive benefit to any small business looking to grow. There will be significant cash in hand to focus on purchasing inventory, making payroll and paying off other more immediate business expenses.

If you’ve already experienced working with a leasing broker, you know how complicated and tedious that process can be and the limited restaurant equipment leasing options your customers have. FaaStrak is eliminating the need for traditional leasing brokers and disrupting the restaurant equipment leasing industry with our integrated and streamlined software.

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