FaaS Marketing Repository

Customizable Digital Assets

The FaaStrak marketing team has developed a myriad of fully customizable digital marketing assets to be utilized across your social media channels, email marketing and general purpose display ads. Each template can be altered to suit your needs and more importantly, match your branding. Upload your logo, replace the background image, edit text and accent colors to create your own, polished ad sets that convert!

Create Branded Financing Ads in Seconds

Watch our 2 minute walkthrough video to learn how to quickly generate beautifully branded financing ads that convert! 


Marketing Templates

If you’re not utilizing social media to reach more potential customers and to earn more repeat customers, that’s about to change. We’ve made it stupid-easy to create and save your own images geared for driving business on social media. 

Letting your customers know that they’ve got financing options is quick and easy to add into your exiting email marketing campaigns. With our email marketing templates you can create click-worthy advertisements in under a minute. 

With our growing vault of display ad templates, we’ve created our designs based off of the best performing ad sizes. In just a few minutes you can create beautiful, cohesive ads that drive more clicks and close more deals!