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Give your customers the Restaurant and Food Service equipment they need with help from FaaStrak.

Our technology driven financial products are specially designed to help you provide your customers with the best information technology and software for their business as quickly and easily as possible. Whether you need to offer financing for a small office computer system or complex networking and data storage equipment, FaaStraks’s financing solutions allow you to offer top-quality IT products, with industry leading financing terms, all while adding dollars to your bottom line.

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"We cannot be happier with FaaStrak. Within our first 45 days, we saw a significant increase to our bottom line while knowing that our customers are being sent to the most appropriate lenders that fit their needs. This has allowed our approval ratio jump from 42% all the way to 73% in just 45 days. Not only has our approval ratio increased but also our average fundings per month has increased by 28%"
—Joshua Acree
Customer Service & Sales Supervisor, Consolidated Foodservice

Approval Ratio Jump to
In just 45 Days
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Funding Increase

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Offer your customers financing for small or large budget equipment.


With variable terms, offer your customers flexibility that meets their needs.


With access to multiple lenders, your customers get the best rates available.


Same Day Funding is available with our automated system.

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Offer your customers a solution that saves you both time and money!


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