EventStable Case Study

Learn how EventStable using FaaStrak’s financing software was able to increase site-wide sales by over 20%, boost their AOV by 15-30% and approve 85% of all financing applications over their first 90 days by offering their customers financing at the checkout from multiple lenders.

Using their custom widget, is able to display payment options for customers to see across the site and in the cart. FaaStrak’s simple to use application process keeps the business owners in the know of their financing decision and present a solution online without the need of tracking down a representative to get their answers.

“EventStable always strives to be at the forefront of innovation. Online presence and ability to serve our customers through technology is the core of our business. It’s our duty to ensure customers have the best options to make a sound business decision. When they are ready to complete their order it is our job to ensure the customer can easily get our products whether they pay via credit card or financing. That is where FaaStrak comes into play. They are able to extend our customers buying power and help us sell more!”

Will Murphy,

CEO of EventStable