FaaStrak Affiliate Partner Program

FaaStrak’s Affiliate Partner Program is a simple and easy way to generate new revenue. Earn $50.00 for each demo booked and completed.

Premier Affiliate Partners earn up to 1% of funded invoices.

FaaStrak has taken the equipment leasing industry by storm. Our proprietary software is disrupting the way equipment leasing goes down.  We've automated what was (and still is for those not on board with FaaStrak) a severely antiquated process. FaaS stands for "Financing As A Service" and just so happens to also articulate exactly how our software works — SUPER FAST!

With our advanced algorithm and deep understanding of the equipment leasing industry, vendors who onboard with FaaStrak can offer their customers equipment financing solutions FaaSter than ever before. This allows them to CLOSE MORE DEALS and KEEP THEIR CUSTOMERS HAPPY.

We're now extending you the opportunity to join forces with FaaStrak in offering the best equipment financing solution on the market. Our recently revamped financing portal has further increased the value for our vendors. Now, everything from finding and managing credit applications to customer notifications and communication is quickly and easily navigable. 

If you don't like automated deal closings and a steady source of revenue, you can stop reading hereIf you are interested in joining the disruption and would like to know more, please read on. 


The Benefits of our Affiliate Partner Program:

Earn Revenue


    Easily track and monitor your earnings with our advanced reporting.

  • 1% Commission of EVERY DEAL

    Earn 1% commission of every single funded invoice from your network.

Ramp up your content game


    Discover the tools behind equipment leasing and lending that help small businesses get the most out of their financial resources.


    Leverage our large creative inventory including: demo videos, banners, and sales copy tailored specifically to help you drive leads.

Affiliate Partners 1

"We couldn't be happier with FaaStrak. Within our first 45 days, we saw a significant increase to our bottom line while knowing that our customers are being sent to the most appropriate lenders that fit their needs. This has allowed our approval ratio jump from 42% all the way to 73% in just 45 days. Not only has our approval ratio increased but also our average fundings per month has increased by 28%"

— Joshua Acree
Customer Service & Sales Supervisor, Consolidated Foodservice


Capitalize on our robust lender marketplace.

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