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FaaStrak is Helping Businesses Operate at Next-level Efficiency

FaaStrak has taken the equipment leasing industry by storm. Our proprietary software is disrupting the way equipment leasing goes down.  We've automated what was (and still is for those not on board with FaaStrak) a severely antiquated process. FaaS stands for "Financing As A Service" and just so happens to also articulate exactly how our software works — SUPER FAST!

With our advanced algorithm and deep understanding of the equipment leasing industry, vendors who onboard with FaaStrak can offer their customers equipment financing solutions FaaSter than ever before. This allows them to CLOSE MORE DEALS and KEEP THEIR CUSTOMERS HAPPY.

We're now extending you the opportunity to join forces with FaaStrak in offering the best equipment financing solution on the market. Our recently revamped portal has further increased the value for our vendors. Now, everything from finding and managing credit applications to customer notifications and communication is quickly and easily navigable. 

If you don't like automated deal closings and a steady source of revenue, you can stop reading hereIf you are interested in joining the disruption and would like to know more, please read on. 

Select the Partnership Level You’re Looking For

We bring the power of FaaStrak's technology to each offering, but allow you to choose the level of commitment and support that you need. 

Affilliate Partners

Our Affiliate Partners Program is here for those interested in a hands-off model that is quickly scalable to the height of your own aspirations.

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FaaSAgent Partners

Our FaaSAgent Partner Program is unmatched in the industry. We give you the keys to our powerful platform and allow you to stake your own claim.

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The Benefits of FaaStrak

For Vendors:


    Ultimately, offering financing opens up a wider pool of people who can use their services. If they’re offering an easier way to pay, it’s going to bring in business that might have been deterred before. By giving a vendor’s customers the option to finance, it opens up the opportunity to close more deals.


    Not just that, but financing opens up the opportunity to close more deals faster. When they streamline the financing process with us, it’ll move things along much faster than they could before. Our platform gives vendors all the tools they need to get things done – from the moment their customers enter their information, they’re immediately matched with the best financing options. This makes them able to get approved faster, and helps vendors get to closing deals.

By virtue, helping vendor customers benefits the vendor. Here’s how we do that:

For Their Customers:


    Financing lets their customers keep their cash coming in and still benefit from the equipment they need. If they spread out a large purchase into several smaller payments, it gives their company room to grow from the purchase, and not suffer from a large, one-time payment. By offering equipment financing, vendors give their customers the opportunity to use their cash flow more wisely.


    The Section 179 Deduction of the IRS tax code allows businesses to write off the entire purchase price of qualifying equipment for the current tax year, as opposed to splitting the write-offs over the life of the equipment. Payments could also be tax-deductible, and could be written off as an operating expense under the Financial Accounting Service Board’s (FASB) Statement 13. FASB 13 establishes what qualifies as an operating lease (you can read more about it here, and what certain leases qualify). That’s a big selling point for vendors. With this, they’re able to offer their customers tax credit for financing equipment, which is great news for everyone (except maybe the government).*

    *Make sure you always advise that your customers consult their accountant or tax professional when it comes to tax decisions. Make sure you consult yours, too.


    Financing conserves existing capital for other payments, and doesn’t use up space on a credit card or line of credit. These resources can be reserved for other expenses or emergencies. Even if their customers have the existing cash to purchase a large piece of equipment, that cash could be better spent on another investment, or saved for an unexpected emergency purchase. So by offering equipment financing, vendors are able to give their customers a way to conserve money for long run.


    If their customers aren’t financing anything, they don’t have anything to report, and they’re not building business credit. This can be a problem for them later on. If customers make their payments on time, using equipment financing to build their business credit can give them a better chance to get a lower-interest loan in the future, or refinance for a lower interest rate.

Become a Partner 1

"We cannot be happier with FaaStrak. Within our first 45 days, we saw a significant increase to our bottom line while knowing that our customers are being sent to the most appropriate lenders that fit their needs. This has allowed our approval ratio jump from 42% all the way to 73% in just 45 days. Not only has our approval ratio increased but also our average fundings per month has increased by 28%"

— Joshua Acree
Customer Service & Sales Supervisor, Consolidated Foodservice

Affiliate Partners Program

Partnering through FaaStrak’s Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate new revenue from your content while helping small to mid-sized businesses flourish. Earn $50.00 per referral and our Premier Affiliate Partners can earn up to 1% of invoices funded, on top.

Easily embed affiliate links in your content and take full advantage of what our amazing program has to offer.


FaaSAgent Partners Program

Our Franchise Partner's Program is for a more hands-on approach. We'll give you a white-labeled solution in order to carve out your own piece of the pie. You'll work directly with your vendors, but still have access to our rock start team of dedicated funding specialists in case you ever need any help.

With the incredible number of businesses that are financing their equipment, the sky is the limit! 

Become a Partner 1

Our partnership with FaaStrak could not be going any better. The customer service and promptness with our applications is beyond admirable. The only regret I have is not jumping on board sooner!  

— Julio Ramirez
Team Leader — Product B2B Sales Team , JumpOrange Inflatables