Commercial Financing Trends - Innovation

Our eBook is everything you need to know about commercial financing buying trends and why business owners are demanding alternative payment options.

Why Checkout Financing

Purchase what you need when it and pay iit later!Consumers know extactly how much they'll need to pay on a checkout financing loan each month-It won't rise or fall

Multi-Lender Platform

Single lenders are typically limited to a single financing offer.Multi-lenders offers a range of personalized financing offers to allow the consumers to select the best option for them!

Goodby Credit Cards

Did you know that 63% of millennial's do not own a single credit card?Point-Of-Sale Checkout Financing is rapidly becoming the payment method of choice!

The Future of Payments

Did you know that 31% of all cart abandonment happens online because consumers don't trust sites with thier credit card information and due to lack of payment options?

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