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Who is FaaStrak

Who are we

Who is FaaStrak? What is our mission? What core values do we live by?

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Application Process

Application Process

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Compare Solutions

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The Right Fit

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It’s all good. Business Financing used to be complicated but that is why we are here! We got you!

Our application link can be embedded anywhere a URL can be embedded. This means you can even reference it on email signatures, social media, quotes, invoices and more. Need custom integration? Let us know during your 1:1 demo!

We offer the widest range of commercial financing products. Your customers will get access to equipment leasing/financing, lines of credit, working capital, business credit cards, SBA loans and more all through one application.

Typical terms can range from 1 month all the way out to 7 years. Typical payment schedule will be either monthly, weekly, or daily depending on the product.

Businesses choose FaaStrak because they are constantly being bothered by direct lenders or traditional brokers who are limited on what they can offer and who they can approve. Our customers want their customers to have the largest chance of approval without the headache of managing different portals and contacts to get it done.

If you are an eCommerce merchant who has an average deal size less than $15k it can happen instantly with equipment financing.

For all other options, an approval is based on the lenders you choose but standard turn around time is less than 2 hours in most cases. Because our software simply facilitates your customer to the right lender, our advantage is what happens after the approval!

Imagine a world…no matter of the lender…no matter of the product where the applicant can select a finance option that is best for them and never have to speak with an agent.

That is our goal, is to create a self service checkout environment for each applicant.

For equipment financing/leasing most lenders offer what is called “prefunding” which means you receive funds prior to delivery of the equipment.

For all other products, they are offered like cash. These products will approve and fund your customer directly so they can use the cash how they see fit!

All of our products offered are at ZERO risk to you. Each lender is responsible for making their own credit decision based on the strength of your customer.

Note: in order to get set up with equipment leasing/financing you must be approved by each individual lender prior to offering them in your profile.

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