Introducing: FaaStrak’s Marketing Repository and Ad Template Tools

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Introducing: FaaStrak’s Marketing Repository and Ad Template Tools

We are proud and excited to launch FaaStrak’s fully customizable digital marketing ad builder tool – or, our Marketing Repository. This feature gives your team an easy way to make customizable financing ads to drive more sales. No in-house designer, no photoshop needed. 

We’ve developed three types of ad templates – social media ads, email ads, and display ads. We want you to have the resources necessary to truly reap all the benefits of our innovative financing platform. These ads are important in driving sales and making your customers aware of their financing options.

Navigating the Ad Template Tools

10 – 20% of your annual sales should be coming from leasing, and if that isn’t the case, these ads will help. We have several different ad template designs for each advertising platform, and within each design, there are spots to place your logo, slogan, a few quick bullet points about financing, and a background image. You’re also able to change fonts, size and color of any ad template details. This is all done through the FaaStrak website – no external application needs to be downloaded.

Watch the 2 minute video below to learn how to start creating well designed, branded ads of your own in a matter of seconds.



To navigate the ad templates, you’ll click the template type you’d like – social, email or display ad templates. We’ll break it down by each element in detail:

  • Logo – To add your logo to an ad template, click the picture that says “YOUR  LOGO.” To the right, an icon will appear prompting you to “click or drop images here.” When you click that icon, it will pull up your computer’s documents. Find the image (preferably a .png, but .jpg is also fine) of your company’s logo in your explorer/finder, click upload, and it will appear on the ad template. After you upload a picture, it will also appear in a library underneath the “click or drop images here” button. 
  • Background image – To change the background image of the ad template, you’ll click the “layers” icon in the top-left corner – it looks like pieces of paper stacked on top of each other. On the right, a menu will come up. On top of that menu is a “Background Image” option. You’ll click the “+” button beside it, and the same image uploader from the logo upload will appear. Follow the same directions, and your background image can be set to whatever you’d like.
  • Changing text – to change any ad template text, simply click on the text you’d like to edit. An editor will appear with options for size, font, orientation, etc. You can also revert back to the original settings by clicking the circular arrow button.
  • Other details – 
    • you can change the corner color by clicking the same layer icon. When the side menu comes up, click the white box next to “border-corners,” this will bring up a color picker, and you can choose the color you’d like.
    • This menu also gives you another way to change each individual detail. The textboxes will change each corresponding text, and you can also change the logo from this menu as well.
    • The “Overlay” button gives you a chance to take the tint off the background image. Clicking the “x” button will make the background less opaque. 
  • Saving your image – to download and save the finished ad to your computer, simply click the cloud button on the top-center of the editor. You can click the image format you’d like to save as, either a .jpg, .png, .pdf or .svg. Once you click the image type, the image will automatically save to your downloads. 

Need Some Tips?

  • To make advertising look more fluid, make sure you upload your logo as a .png file – this makes the background of the logo transparent. 
  • To make sure your background images are clear and not pixelated, ensure that they’re at least 1000px wide.
  • If you’re using images that aren’t yours, you need to make sure you’re not “stealing” them. Even going to Google images and taking an image that’s readily available online could be considered illegal use of a non-licensed image. There are a handful of quality, free stock photo websites like Unsplash, Pexels, or Gratisography that can be used to ensure you are using images with the proper permissions.  
  • For a wider selection of images, you can go to DepositPhotos, Adobe Stock or iStock to name a few of the more high quality, paid stock image sites that are out there.

Social Media Ad Templates

If you’re not already using social media to reach a wider audience of customers, here is your chance to utilize graphics to do so. It’s not breaking news that we live in an increasingly social media-centric world, and many people get the majority of their news, advertisements and products through it. Often, businesses must pivot their advertising to target these people and businesses.

In 2018, Hootsuite (a social media management website) reported that there are over 2.9 billion active social media users in the world, and that’s up 13% from 2017. Facebook has consistently been the most popular, with Youtube being second-most popular. When you post on your company’s Facebook page, it’s estimated it can reach 10.7% more people than your current number of followers – and in business, the more people you reach, the better. 

FaaStrak is giving you a way to reach more people, and bring in more business. With our social media templates, you can easily create posts to utilize on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The templates are the optimal size to use on these platforms. 

Email Ad Templates

Our email ad template can be added to any of your email marketing campaigns – use them to spice up simple emails with well-designed ads. Email campaigns are some of the simplest and most traditional ways to reel in customers and let them know what you’re about, so if you already have an email audience, including graphics and ads about financing can be beneficial. 

Email ads aren’t new, but they are incredibly effective. Email has a median ROI of 122% – this is four-times higher than other marketing formats, including social media, direct mail and paid search ads. It’s likely that you already use email to communicate with your customers, but if you don’t already use linkable graphics, this is your chance. To quickly and clearly get your point across about financing, our email templates give a way to easily do so. 

Display Ad Templates

These ad template designs can be used for anything you need them for – including Google ads. Google ads are easy to use and fairly cheap marketing tools that follow your customers once they’ve visited your website. Once someone has expressed interest in financing, you can use Google AdSense to make sure your customers stay interested.

Google has changed the advertising game, and with their AdWords and AdSense. AdSense is the service that shows ads for your business on related sites or after someone visits your site (retargeting). They’re highly customizable and controllable, which is part of what makes them so appealing. FaaStrak’s display ad templates are perfect for these types of ads – they come in three of the most popular sizes – skyscraper templates (300px x 600px) and large rectangle templates (336px x 280px), and leaderboard templates (728px x90).

You can also create banners for websites or brochures. If you’re just now offering financing to your customers, you can put these ads on the side or top of your website. When customers click the ads, it’ll take them to your financing page. There are countless uses for these types of advertisements to generate traffic and revenue, so they give you a lot of room to be creative. 

Ready to get started?

At FaaStrak, we’re always looking for ways to help our vendors close more deals, and these types of resources help to guarantee your company’s success. 

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