Introducing FaaSques

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Introducing FaaSques

Our “FaaSques” is our fancy way of saying we’ve made credit application organization easier than ever.

With our 2.0 release, applications are organized into relevant queues – meaning the status will determine the folder it’s placed into. Organizing applications in this way ensures that you can find them more easily, and therefore navigate the FaaStrak platform in a more intuitive way.

Want to deal with customer applications missing information first? Then you’ll go to the “Missing Info From Applicant” FaaSque. Want to see which are waiting for signatures? Go through the “Agreement Waiting For Signatures” FaaSque.

Each queue gives information on what’s going on with the application, helping you move them along to the next queue.

There’s a queue for applications that are received and processing, missing information, approved, waiting for signatures, being finalized, completed, canceled, or declined. There’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

Most of the queues have sub-queues, as well. Sub-queues give you even more information on what’s going on with the application. Was the application denied? The sub-queues give you a way to organize them between auto-declined and lender-declined.

FaaSques help you make your way through more applications, so you can close deals quicker. Schedule a demo and check them out for yourself.

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