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Self Checkout Financing

Traditional equipment leasing can make you feel like you’re toeing the line. FaaStrak makes you feel like your toes are in the sand. 

When you think about an automated self-checkout, you might think about a website like Amazon – you choose your product and enter your payment information all yourself. There’s no clerk or employee to do this for you. 

This means more convenience for you, right? That’s why online shopping is a growing sector of the economy. These retail sites are all just software manifestations of what a broker would be doing. But because we have this ability to automate, there’s no need for all the hassle of dealing with a broker.

This is what FaaStrak is doing with equipment leasing. We’re offering a way to get equipment loans without the hassle of going to a broker. Your customers can now get an automated self-checkout experience when they get an equipment loan. And that’s just beachy.

With this, they can go on their application through our online portal and find everything they need to help them get funded. They’ll be able to upload documents, select their terms and even sign their lease agreement – all without needing a phone call. 

“The industry is starting to change in regards to being able to close deals,” says FaaStrak founder and CEO, Ken Brokaw. “So that’s what we’re doing at FaaStrak.”

The portal also lets your customers know what they need to upload next, or where they need to go next. There’s even a chat feature where they can ask questions without having to wait for business hours for a response. It’s all there.

What does this self-checkout mean for you, as a vendor? Everything. You’ll save time because you don’t have to deal with a broker, or don’t have to constantly contact customers. Most importantly, you’ll close deals by making things easier for your customers, thus making it easier for you. 

FaaStrak is here to make leasing a day at the beach. That’s our goal. If you’re not already onboard with FaaStrak, time’s a-wastin’ – hit the button below and book your demo today.

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