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Equipment Leasing Automation

Life’s beachin’ with FaaStrak.

We want to make every day feel like a day in the sun. At FaaStrak, we make leasing more stress-free, so you can feel like you’re spending a day at the beach and not at wit’s end.

A token of the 21st century is software advancement, and that means automating once-complicated and meticulous tasks – things like house-hunting, advertising, and now, equipment leasing. 

We’re automating the equipment-leasing process. Automating this specific process is new, and we pride ourselves on being the ones to lead the way. Using our software, we’re creating a chain of communication with your customers without having to deal with any of the phone-tag or stressful documents. 

Our platform includes an application tracker that has an average of 10 – 12 different touch points per status. These include calls, automated emails and – even more conveniently – text messages. 

“It’s going to drive everyone to an interactive application tracker, where it can be a self-service checkout for your applicant,” says Ken Brokaw, FaasTrak’s founder and CEO. 

This interactive application tracker includes several automated features that make your life, and your applicants’ lives, significantly easier. It’s where the applicant can communicate directly with your team and our team, so they can understand every aspect of their leasing process. 

The application tracker is also where applicants can choose their terms and sign documents, all online. This streamlines their experience and gives them more convenience and control.  

We’re calling this a “self-checkout” of sorts, because it’s interactive and simple, and the applicant can control more of the lease process than the could with a broker. If they’re happy, chances are you’re happy, too. And then you can ride the wave to stress-free deals.

Thanks for choosing FaaStrak to get your business done. We’re dedicated to your deals. 

If you’re not already on board with FaaStrak, click the button below to book your demo today. You’re losing money with every second you wait.

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