How Do Potential Customers Find Your Business?

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How Do Potential Customers Find Your Business?

Sifting through countless websites and advertisements can be very daunting for your potential customers. There isn’t a Buzzfeed article for “The 17 Best Equipment Leasing Companies” or better yet, “The Umpteen Best Restaurant or Automotive…or whatever niche you cater towards”. These customers know what they need, but do not know how to find their best option. They’re looking for something vital to their business’ success and typically need it fast. That’s why standing out from your competition is integral. So what can you do to ensure people are finding, and choosing your business?

Decisions, Decisions

Whether customers are interested in the larger, more established equipment leasing companies out there, or if they’re cool working with the new kid on the block, it takes a lot of time to filter out all the noise. With so many equipment leasing companies on the market, how do they decide which to choose? Nobody likes headaches, and that’s exactly what the traditional broker model induces. FaaStrak is rapidly disrupting the equipment leasing industry to streamline the process and remove the hassle. Their competition quickly finds themselves behind the curve, and will soon enough, be doing the same thing by automating their equipment leasing process.

Here are some important factors customers should take into account when selecting a business to finance their equipment.

Leasing Rates

The lower, the better. In order to maximize every dollar, customers will obviously choose a lender that offers the lowest leasing rates when they’re leasing equipment.

Single Source of Contact

No one likes talking to a robot or call center. A good equipment leasing process provides a single source of contact who knows their customers’ business and can give reliable knowledge and advice on their best equipment leasing options.

Industry Specialization

During their search for equipment and financing options, customers will typically narrow it down to their specific industry. Knowing your customers specific situation better than themselves, helps you provide them with what FaaStrak is now making the industry standard.

Hop on the FaaStrak

The equipment leasing industry has been antiquated and utilizing traditional brokers for far too long into the digital age. Traditional equipment leasing brokers have 2, maybe 3, lenders at their disposal. This severely limits your customers’ options – until now. FaaStrak gives your company the ability to match your customers with the perfect lender, every time. This allows you to close more deals, make more money, and keep your customers happy! Happy customers, also come back. Traditional brokers are a thing of the past, it’s time to FaaStrak into the future!

FaaStrak prides itself on being able to automate the process of financing equipment to ultimately allow you to reap the benefits of a wider customer base and increased margins. Book a demo today and take your equipment leasing to the next level.

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