Step Up Your B2B Equipment Leasing Game with FaaStrak

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Step Up Your B2B Equipment Leasing Game with FaaStrak

Does your business currently offer B2B equipment leasing? When is the last time you’ve reviewed your process? If you’re looking to make more money per transaction, close more deals and keep your customers happy, we’ve got great news for you.

The FaaStrak Platform Is Disrupting The Equipment Leasing Industry

The time has come that your business doesn’t have to resort to traditional or conventional leasing brokers when your customers need to lease your products. You can automate your own equipment leasing process using the FaaStrak platform, and there are multiple advantages to doing this which are beneficial to both your business and your clients.

For starters, automation of anything means faster transactions; that generates more business for you because it draws in both more customers and more orders from your current customers. This compounds with the increased margins your business enjoys because traditional equipment leasing brokers line their pockets. By cutting them out of the equation this puts more capital back into your business. Finally, the faster process is great for customers and your business. Close more deals and keep your customers happy!

How Do Your Customers Benefit From B2B Leasing?

Depending on what kind of business they run, they may need equipment of their own. Chances are, they’re going to need equipment to operate. Consider screen printing businesses. Screen printing vendors receive online orders and ship them anywhere, offering their customers customized items and screen printing at volumes and prices they won’t get at a local screen printing shop. If they lease your equipment, they can enjoy access to a variety of different machines at once, rather than sinking all of their capitalĀ  into just one or two pieces of equipment. This allows them to keep up with the latest and greatest technology without paying premium prices.

Cashflow is Another Reason Equipment Leasing Trumps Buying Outright

Consider the example of starting up or buying a restaurant. The restaurant equipment needs will vary depending on the type of restaurant, customer traffic, and especially expansion. Restaurant equipment leasing means your customers can pace their equipment on a monthly basis, getting the things they need to grow their business without breaking the bank. They also won’t be stuck with older equipment that needs frequent servicing or breaks down over time.

In Conclusion

The modern economy moves fast, and innovation is what helps you and your customers stay ahead of the competition. Regardless of what sector, niche, or industry your business is in, mastering the art of B2B equipment leasing can help your customers find the right equipment at the best rates. Bringing you business on board with FaaStrak will help you close more deals, and keep your customers happy!

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