FaaStrak: We Close Your Deals

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FaaStrak: We Close Your Deals

When is the last time anyone on your team has reviewed your current leasing process? It’s more than likely it’s not as “current” as you may think. If you’re not on FaaStrak, chances are you are wasting valuable time and missing out on larger margins. If time is money and you’re not capitalizing by cutting out the traditional broker, your losses are compounding.

That all changes when you come on board with FaaStrak’s team of expert closers. To put our process simply, you open the door and we lock the vault. If you have concerns along the way, or just want an update on your deal, you can get ahold of our (your) team instantly with a quick message via our automated platform. It’s just like texting your co-worker, only this co-worker is going to take your equipment leasing deals off your hands.

What Exactly Does Our Team Do For You? 

  • Review all applications submitted.
  • Obtain supporting documentation from the customer – personal gurantors, financial packages, tax lien releases, etc.
  • Direct communication with your customer on credit decisions, documentation, and all other questions regarding their agreement
  • Documentation team to prepare and send out documents directly to your customer
  • Dedicated team member to ensure your applications get funded and your lender’s perform to their highest ability
So what are you waiting for? It’s time you get on board with FaaStrak:

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